Ontario Women's Soccer League

The 2022 Annual General Meeting is to be held on Sunday 4th December 2022. The meeting will start at 10.00am


Please contact Claire to pre register and receive the ZOOM  link along with meeting documents


Each Club must be individually represented to complete your duties to the League for the 2022 season. All clubs in attendance must be in good standing.

Proposed rule changes will be posted no later than 25th November.

POSITIONS UP FOR ELECTION  each position is a 2-year term







he FIFA World Cup kicks off on Sunday November 20th when the hosts Qatar play Ecuador. 64 games later it concludes on December 18th with the final.

Canada starts its Group F schedule on Wednesday November 23rd at 2pm when they take on Belgium

Watch the games on TSN or CTV

All times are in Ontario time.

Sunday, November 20
Group A: Qatar vs. Ecuador – 11 am

Monday, November 21
Group B: England vs. Iran – 8 am
Group A: Senegal vs. Netherlands – 11am
Group B: United States vs. Wales – 2 pm

Tuesday, November 22
Group C: Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia – 5 am
Group D: Denmark vs. Tunisia – 8 am
Group C: Mexico vs. Poland – 11 am
Group D: France vs. Australia – 2 pm

Wednesday, November 23
Group F: Morocco vs. Croatia – 5 am
Group E: Germany vs. Japan – 8 am
Group E: Spain vs. Costa Rica – 11 am
Group F: Belgium vs. Canada – 2 pm

Thursday, November 24
Group G: Switzerland vs. Cameroon – 5 am
Group H: Uruguay vs. South Korea – 8 am
Group H: Portugal vs. Ghana – 11 am
Group G: Brazil vs. Serbia – 2 pm

Friday, November 25
Group B: Wales vs. Iran – 5 am
Group A: Qatar vs. Senegal – 8 am
Group A: Netherlands vs. Ecuador – 11 am
Group B: England vs. United States – 2 pm

Saturday, November 26
Group D: Tunisia vs. Australia – 5 am
Group C: Poland vs. Saudi Arabia – 8 am
Group D: France vs. Denmark – 11 am
Group C: Argentina vs. Mexico – 2 pm

Sunday, November 27
Group E: Japan vs. Costa Rica – 5 am
Group F: Belgium vs. Morocco – 8 am
Group F: Croatia vs. Canada – 11 am
Group E: Spain vs. Germany – 2 pm

Monday, November 28
Group G: Cameroon vs. Serbia – 5 am
Group H: South Korea vs. Ghana – 8 am
Group G: Brazil vs. Switzerland – 11 am
Group H: Portugal vs. Uruguay – 2 pm

Tuesday, November 29
Group A: Ecuador vs. Senegal – 10 am
Group A: Netherlands vs. Qatar – 10 am
Group B: Iran vs. United States – 2 pm
Group B: Wales vs. England – 2 pm

Wednesday, November 30
Group D: Australia vs. Denmark – 10 am
Group D: Tunisia vs. France – 10 am
Group C: Poland vs. Argentina – 2 pm
Group C: Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico – 2 pm

Thursday, December 1
Group F: Canada vs. Morocco – 10 am
Group F: Croatia vs. Belgium – 10 am
Group E: Costa Rica vs. Germany – 2 pm
Group E: Japan vs. Spain – 2 pm

Friday, December 2
Group H: Ghana vs. Uruguay – 10 am
Group H: South Korea vs. Portugal – 10 am
Group G: Cameroon vs. Brazil – 2 pm
Group G: Serbia vs. Switzerland – 2 pm

Saturday, December 3
49 – Winners of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group B – 10 am
50 – Winners of Group C vs. Runners-up of Group D – 2 pm

Sunday, December 4
52 – Winners of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group C – 10 am
51 – Winners of Group B vs. Runners-up of Group A – 2 pm

Monday, December 5
53 – Winners of Group E vs. Runners-up of Group F – 10 am
54 – Winners of Group G vs. Runners-up of Group H – 2 pm

Tuesday, December 6
55 – Winners of Group F vs. Runners-up of Group E – 10 am
56 – Winners of Group H vs. Runners-up of Group G – 2 pm

Friday, December 9
58 – Winners of 53 vs. Winners of 54 – 10 am
57 – Winners of 49 vs. Winners of 50 – 2 pm

Saturday, December 10
60 – Winners of 55 vs. Winners of 56 – 10 am
59 – Winners of 51 vs. Winners of 52 – 2 pm

Tuesday, December 13
61 – Winners of 57 vs. Winners of 58 – 2 pm

Wednesday, December 14
62 – Winners of 59 vs. Winners of 60 – 2 pm

Saturday, December 17
63 – Losers of 61 vs. Losers of 62 – 10 am

Sunday, December 18
64 – Winners of 61 vs. Winners of 62 – 10 am

Canada qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 36 years and will take part in the Qatar World Cup in Group F

Also in Group F are Belgium, Croatia and Morocco.

Canada open their schedule against FIFA ranked #2 team Belgium on November 23rd. They follow that with a game against 2018 beaten finalists Croatia on November 27th before concluding their Group F schedule with a game against Morocco on December 1st

To keep up to date with Canada's nationals teams please visit the CSA website

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.

Everyone can help recognize a possible concussion if they know what to look for.

A person with a concussion might have any of the signs or symptoms listed below. They might show up right away or hours, or even days later. Just one sign or symptom is enough to suspect a concussion. Most people with a concussion do not lose consciousness.

Get to know the "Red Flags" of a concussion

“Red flags” may mean the person has a more serious injury. Treat red flags as an emergency and call 911.

Red flags include:

To find out more about concussion awareness and Rowans Law please visit this website

We will be using a new website for the 2022 season. The system is the latest league management platform from E2E Soccer so it retains a lot of the features that you have used in previous years.

The biggest change is that the web site is now responsive so it will display much better on a smart phone or tablet.

The new platform uses Word Press technology so we are able to take advantage of some of that technology to improve your online experience.

You will also have the opportunity to customize your home page.

At the top right of the home page you will see a cog icon. Click on this to configure your home page.

There are currently two features to use

We hope to add other home page configuration tools in the near future

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